Culinary Peru – a restaurant guide for Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Culinary Peru – a restaurant guide for Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley

In the last couple of years Peru has truly experienced an amazing culinary revolution growing from a regional player to a cuisine that now competes with the great cuisines of the world such as Italy, France and Japan. Partially initiated by the successful chef Aston Acurio, Peru embarked on a culinary self-exploration re-discovering the wealth of their local products and cooking cultures already present in the country Peru re-invented itself in a way that few countries have done before. Following you can find some of our favorite restaurants around. 




One of Peru’s flagship restaurants; named fourth best restaurant in the world and three time’s best restaurant in Peru; chef Vergillio Martinez does not only offer a great lunch or dinner but offers a complete culinary experience allowing diners to explore Peru through its ingredients and altitudes rather than its sights.


The frontrunner of Peruvian Nikkei Fusion. Recognized as one of the best restaurants in the world, chef Mitsuharu Tsumura is responsible for this ground breaking restaurant combining the best of both the Japanese and Peruvian kitchen.

Astrid & Gastón

The flagship restaurant from the man responsible for the culinary revolution Peru of the last couple of years. It is this restaurant that put Gaston Acurio’s name on the map as the godfather of Peruvian cuisine. Classic Peruvian food with an international accent.


Rafael is the first restaurant from Rafael Osterling, another main player in Peru’s culinary revolution. Peruvian / French cuisine in a great ambience and excellent service.

La Mar

Gaston Acurio’s take on ceviche. This seafood restaurant is heaven for sea lovers. All dishes as fresh as they come providing typical Peruvian dishes such as ceviche, arroz con mariscos and chicharron with Gaston’s typical gourmet style.

El Mercado

El Mercado is the Peruvian style restaurant from Rafael Osterling. Providing well established typical Peruvian dishes in a new outfit. A great place for your first steps in Peruvian cuisine.


This Peruvian Taberna serves lunch and dinner as in former days. Large dishes to share among friends and family in a non-pretentious ambience in the heart of Bohemian Barranco. Back to the essence of Peruvian food.

Huaca Pucllana

Always dreamt of having dinner looking over ancient pre Inca ruins more than thousand years old; well Lima offers you the chance. A fine dining restaurant located in the Huaca Pucllana beautifully illuminated at night taking you back to ancient days.



This long standing restaurant has won the title of Cusco’s best restaurant for many times and is a steady player in the ever expanding culinary offer in Cusco. Peruvian / Mediterranean Fusion food with typical Andean accents.


Located on the beautiful Plaza de Armas, this Asian / Peruvian fusion restaurant provides some fine lunch and dinner options as well as great cocktails.


Gaston Acurio’s take on Andean comfort food. Typical dishes such as chicharrones and capchi de habas are served wrapped in a gourmet jacket.

Inka Grill

Looking for a good old fashioned steak or grilled meat, Inka Grill is the place to be. Conveniently located on Cusco’s main square here you can satisfy your meat cravings.

Greens Organic

This vegetarian restaurant specializes in the famous Andean superfoods such as quinoa, maca and avocado. They also have some non-vegetarian dishes so this is an all crowds pleaser.


This all-time favorite located on the main square has a wide range of dishes, most of them with a Mediterranean flavor and touch. Pizzas, pasta’s, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, a great family option.


Cusco’s best Chifa restaurant. Chifa is the Peruvian / Chinese Fusion cuisine designed by the many Chinese immigrants in Peru. Mixing Peruvian ingredients with Chinese cooking techniques and spices allowed Peru to fully embrace a new take on Chinese food.

La Granga Heidi

This Peruvian / German option provides high quality food using solely organic ingredients directly from their own farm in the Sacred Valley. They offer daily menus for lunch which is an excellent option for a good meal in between excursions.

La Bodega 138

Non pretentious, homemade, woodstove pizzas accompanied by some of Peru’s bests craft beers; what else could one ask for some nights.


Another of Gaston Acurio’s creations; under the slogan everything is hamburgerable here the gourmet hamburger is re-invented with a Peruvian touch.

MAP Café

Located on the beautiful patio of the Pre Colombian Museum in Cusco, providing a great insight in the history of this city before the Incas, this restaurant provides Peruvian dishes with a gourmet presentation accompanied by some amazing cocktails and nonalcoholic lemonades.

Sacred Valley

Hacienda Sarapampa

This private family owned hacienda located in the heart of the Sacred for years is an example of the typical colonial haciendas that popped up in the Valley after the Spanish conquest. An amazing lunch prepared with all local ingredients allowing you to appreciate the importance of this valley for the Incas.


Hacienda Huayuccari

A family owned Hacienda known for its beautiful orchid gardens and Peruvian Paso horses. Non pretentious cuisine taking the local ingredients to the foreground meanwhile appreciating the Andean countryside.


A small restaurant in the heart of Urubamba, the valley’s largest town. Either in the green gardens or cozy interior here you can enjoy typical Andean dishes with some international influences.


Huacatay is the name of a typical Andean herb used in many Andean dishes. This is the essence of this restaurant; taking you back to ancient times in the valley, adding some modern accents.

El Albergue

This long standing restaurant located in the old Ollantaytambo Train station provides a wide range of dishes for the whole family, all with an excellent quality and service. Enjoy some of the typical craft beers from the Sacred Valley in the cozy interior or beautiful green gardens.