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Peru General Health Precautions and Tips

Altitude Sickness

In a country where almost one third of the territory is located over 2,500 meters (8,200 ft) above sea level, it should not come as a surprise that the altitude is something you may want to keep in mind. Almost 70% of the visitors to Peru will only feel some minor discomforts when arriving to high altitude for the first time and these discomforts can be headaches, shortness of breath, less appetite and perhaps some small stomach issues. In order to avoid having serious issues with the altitude we recommend the following guidelines;

General Peru Travel Tips


Peru, being one of the 16 most diverse countries in the world, is country with more climate zones and variety than the European continent as a whole. Therefore giving a clear cut overview of the Peruvian climate is an almost impossible task. Nevertheless in order to provide a bit of guidance when it comes to the weather in Peru the best way is to divide Peru into the three main geographical zones; the coastal desert, the central highlands and the jungle.

Culinary Peru – a restaurant guide for Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley

In the last couple of years Peru has truly experienced an amazing culinary revolution growing from a regional player to a cuisine that now competes with the great cuisines of the world such as Italy, France and Japan. Partially initiated by the successful chef Aston Acurio, Peru embarked on a culinary self-exploration re-discovering the wealth of their local products and cooking cultures already present in the country Peru re-invented itself in a way that few countries have done before. Following you can find some of our favorite restaurants around. 

Cusco…to be or not to be…

They have made a very broad initial selection of hundreds of cities that are known to have a high historic value, are large metropolises or have played an important role over history.  And now it is up to the cybernauts to decide what will be the 7 cities that can claim this tittle. The competition is tremendous; cities such as Rome, Athens, Damascus, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Varanasi and Beirut have already proven their right to be one of the “big” cities in the world, with over a 1000 years of history and influence.  


END OF THE WORLD - 10 Reasons why your next Vacation should be one of our Peru vacation packages

calendarSeveral of the places people may want to put on their “What to do before Doomsday” bucket list are located in Peru making one of our Peru vacation packages the “Once in a Lifetime vacation” you are looking for. Following we would like to give you 10 good reasons for choosing one of our Peru vacation packages in 2012; 


Bono arrives in Lima to visit Machu Picchu & Cusco

bonoWill he take a trip to any of the irish run businesses in Cusco, somehow i doubt it and will he be brave enough to try the local delicacy Cuy which is known as guinea pig to most of us, maybe :-). 


Bono is only one of the many stars which have visited Cusco and Machu Picchu in the last few years including Cameron Diaz , Jim Carrey and only recently Mick Jagger.